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Lead Control and Security was founded in 1989 and today is considered to be the leading control systems company in Israel.

Lead Control and Security provides consultation, design, management and execution services for complex projects in a wide range of areas including: chemical, gas and oil, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, infrastructures, water supply and treatment systems, electricity, smart lighting, HVAC, and energy efficiency, communications systems, security systems, advanced entry control systems, C & C systems, parking lot control and management systems and traffic control systems.


Lead Control, through its subsidiary company, Menolinx Systems, provides solutions and develops and markets technologies and products in the fields of lighting control, energy efficiency, smart energy systems (Smart Grid) and digital cities.

The company has quality targets which dictate the maintenance of high quality standards in its operations. Lead Control works with the client to achieve the project’s goals and targets and the client’s quality demands. This whilst meeting budgetary requirements and a quality policy which ensures the application of a comprehensive quality policy throughout all work processes. The company maintains a well organized and up to date documentation system and provides training and courses to ensure assimilation of standards and monitors the progress of all current projects. 

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Selected Projects​

Areas of Operation


Lead Control is involved in the integration of low voltage systems (LV) and very low voltage (VLV). The company has extensive experience in varied industrial fields including chemicals, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, infrastructure, water supply and treatment systems, electricity, lighting, air conditioning control and energy saving, security and traffic control systems.


The company operates in several areas:

  • Design and construction of control systems (water, sewage, lighting, energy saving etc.).
  • Designing local and national communication and SCADA systems.
  • Electrical design and instrumentation.
  • Writing control software, development of H.M.I applications.
  • Linking control systems to data processing software.
  • Providing consultation and integration services for computerized systems.
  • Design and construction of building control systems.
  • Design and construction of air conditioning control systems.



Security is a separate yet related area of Lead Control operations. Within the security framework, Lead provides comprehensive security solutions for a range of institutions, government ministries and companies. Operations in this field include:


  • Intrusion and electronic fencing control systems.
  • Advanced entry control systems.
  • Public address systems.
  • Closed circuit TV systems, video recording and management.
  • Command & control systems (C&C).
  • Specialized, unique security and protection systems.
  • Security risk analysis for a site.
  • Nationwide service and training.
  • Mobile units with integrated audio and video for documenting investigations.
  • Entry control systems for managing lockers.
  • Wireless entry control systems.
  • Advanced security guard control systems.
  • Attendance systems.


Smart Lighting

Menolix Systems Ltd. (a subsidiary of Lead Control) is an Israeli company operating in Israel and the world. The company provides solutions and develops and markets technologies and products in the fields of lighting control, energy efficiency, smart energy systems (Smart Grid) and digital cities.


Menolix supplies a wide range of reliable and innovative products with impressive performance in the field of energy efficiency as this relates to lighting in a range of areas (industry, municipalities and city councils, chain stores, logistics centers, aviation, trains and more). Menolix’s platform, LampID combines technologies for the fields of lighting, photometry, radio communications, communications via electric lines and energy management networks.


Menolix’s system combines three economy factors:


  • Advanced lighting systems using LED technology.
  • Unique control systems that can operate each lamp according to predetermined sensors and programs. The system reports, in real time, the operational status of the lamp, the need for regular and preventative maintenance and factors that increase savings.
  • Exploitation of lighting poles as a source for a wide range of additional uses as part of a “Smart City” system. These include: cameras, parking management, traffic control, collection of environmental data and more.


Menolix’s unique and specialized technology makes possible savings of 60% to 70% in energy used for lighting. The company has installed hundreds of thousands of controllable lighting units around the world.

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